Who we are

LE SALSE is an artisan company founded in 2006 by Antonio Baronti and based in Empoli, near Florence (Tuscany, Italy). Coming from a family dedicated for generations to business activities in the food sector (his grandfather Antonio Baronti had already opened a bakery with bar and grocery shop in 1921) and thanks also to some long-standing collaborations with leading national production and distribution companies, Antonio created his firm on the strength of a very solid product and market experience gained since 1982.


Antonio Baronti’s vision and the passion lavished on him and the entire staff have determined LE SALSE’s very clear values and identity traits from the very beginning: strictly selected raw materials, artisanal production at every stage according to high quality standards, the choice of an approach aimed at sustainability and maximum product enhancement through recognizable transparent aesthetics.


The company is historically based in Empoli, near Florence (Tuscany, Italy). This offers the benefit of centrality in the national market and an incredibly stimulating context, as the region is known throughout the world for its food and wine excellence. LE SALSE is aware and proud to represent an example of “Made in Italy” and ‘Made in Tuscany’ in the food sector: all this leads to a great sense of responsibility towards customers, suppliers, environment and community.

Where you can find our products

The sales network consists of representative agencies and distributors specialised in the food sector and is present throughout Italy, with a particular capillarity in the Northern Centre area. Customers are of various types, often high-quality shops and delicatessens, the classic places offering food and wine excellence. Great attention is also paid to environment and sustainability in logistics: in addition to reusable and recyclable cans for products, green packaging is used for shipments.

our products