pesto san bennato

This is the product that made the company, founded two years earlier, known nationwide in 2008. Antonio Baronti's passion for pesto has accompanied him since childhood, when he used to spend summers at his aunts' in La Spezia, Liguria, the area where pesto was born and then spread to become one of the most famous sauces in the world. Antonio has always pursued his childhood dream: to make the best pesto! It all starts with a rigorous selection of the best existing raw materials, which are then hand-processed to obtain a pesto with a pronounced graininess, which not only gives it a unique look and taste, but also highlights ingredients such as small pieces of basil, cheese and whole Italian pine nuts. Our recipe does not include garlic or fibre.

Available in two different formats: 2 kg and 200 g.
All jars are reusable and made of recyclable glass.

Fresh product: remember to store PESTO SAN BENNATO in the refrigerator at +4° after purchase!

Lactose-free product.

Consume within 3 days of opening.


Pesto was first mentioned by Giovan Battista Ratto in 1870, in his book "La cucina genovese". The name derives from the original preparation, which calls for the ingredients to be pounded in a marble mortar with a wooden pestle.

Basil and pine nuts

Without basil and pine nuts there would be no PESTO SAN BENNATO! We use Basilico Genovese Dop and Pinoli from Migliarino-San Rossore Park, both of which are not only of absolute quality, but unique to the ecosystems in which they grow and are harvested.

in the kitchen

Pasta with pesto? Yes, please, but not only! Perfect with short or long pasta -spaghetti, tagliolini, trofie, fusilli, penne, etc…- PESTO SAN BENNATO is really a joker in the kitchen and can be used with meat dishes, fish, pizza, crostini, canapés, sandwiches, vegetables and much more.


Produced with: Ligurian Basil PDO, Grana Padano PDO, 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Italian Pine Nuts from the San Rossore Estate.