LE SALSE is an artisan company founded in 2006 by Antonio Baronti and based in Empoli, Firenze, Tuscany.

The Baronti family has historically been dedicated to entrepreneurial activities in the food sector: their grandfather Antonio Baronti had already had opened a bakery with a bar and grocery shop in 1921, while their father had always worked in the food distribution sector for leading national companies. Antonio Baronti, LE SALSE’s founder and owner, first followed in his father’s footsteps, assisting him him as early as 1982, and then created his own company in 2006, on the strength of solid product and market experience.

Antonio Baronti’s vision has determined very clear values and identity from the very beginning: the best raw materials rigorously selected, craftsmanship at every stage of production according to high quality standards, the choice of an approach aimed at sustainability and maximum product enhancement through recognizable transparent aesthetics.

Everything was born from a passion for pesto, which was then shaped according to a business model of an artisan company devoted to excellence and open to the world.

Antonio made the specific choice to operate in the fresh sector, which represents a universe in itself in the food panorama in terms of production, conservation and logistics (the so-called cold logistics: cold is an ally for us!)


Quality excellence is our lighthouse


Everything always starts with sourcing the best raw materials available: suppliers are chosen exclusively on the basis of quality parameters.

Since we are an artisanal producer destined for the fresh market, we do not follow the fashions of the moment: a new product is born first and foremost from Antonio’s personal passion and curiosity, who follows his instinct and produces what really engages him, and what he knows he can make at his best.

We pay great attention to the environment and sustainability: in addition to reusable and recyclable cans for the products, we only use green packaging in our shipments.


We sell our products in Italy and abroad. In Italy our sales network consists of representative agencies and distributors specialized in the food sector and is present throughout Italy, with a particular capillarity in the Centre-North. Customers are of various types, often high-end shops and delicatessens, the classic places that offer food excellence. Abroad, we are present in various European countries, Austria and Germany in primis: it is precisely in Europe that we are consolidating our markets and that represents the centre for us.

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