Impepata di cacio

We have all enjoyed 'Cacio e Pepe' pasta, a staple of Lazio cuisine that is world-famous and much loved! Antonio Baronti wanted to pay tribute to this well-known recipe by dedicating a specific sauce to it that he called IMPEPATA DI CACIO. The taste fully reflects the company's conception: very strict selection of the best raw materials, artisanal production aimed at the result of a product with a great creaminess and delicacy that go hand in hand with the strong and special character of Tellicherry pepper. Mildly ground, is the real atout of preparation also because of its very recognizable aroma of fine wood. Sunflower oil and butter are used instead of water, to ensure perfect preservation and softness.

Disponibile in due diversi formati: 2 kg e 200 g.
All jars are reusable and made of recyclable glass.

Fresh product: remember to store IMPEPATA DI CACIO in the refrigerator at +4° after purchase!

Lactose-free product.

Consume within 3 days of opening.


The origin of 'Cacio e Pepe' is in the Agro-Pontino, area of Latium, near Rome. During transhumance, shepherds needed food supplies with a long shelf-life: the most common of these were pasta, Pecorino cheese and pepper.

grana padano dop

We chose to use a portion of Grana Padano DOP. A cow's milk cheese with a typical grainy structure, it is characterized by its fragrant aroma, delicate flavour and sweet finish: exactly the qualities we were looking for in our recipe!

in the kitchen

Tellicherry Pepper is a variety of pepper harvested in India in the Thalassery region. Due to its long maturation process, it has a very strong and distinctive taste, different from all others, recognisable by its spiciness and woodiness.


Produced with: Pecorino Romano DOP, Grana Padano DOP, Italian Butter and Tellicherry Pepper.