salsa verde

We decided to produce Salsa Verde to celebrate the cuisine of our beautiful country. In fact, salsa verde is the protagonist on tables all over Italy and accompanies numerous dishes: each region has its own variations, which always start from the base of a common ingredient, parsley, an aromatic herb widespread throughout Mediterranean Europe. We were inspired by the typical taste of the green sauce traditionally prepared in the homes of Tuscany, where capers and anchovies are never lacking along with parsley. Our SALSA VERDE is very concentrated to the taste, rich in capers and anchovies and deliciously savory. The result is a product with character and marked balance.

Available in two different formats: 2 kg and 200 g.
All jars are reusable and made of recyclable glass.

Fresh product: remember to store SALSA VERDE in the refrigerator at +4° after purchase!

Consume within 3 days of opening.


“Salsa verde”was born as "bagnet verd", the original recipe for which was created and then written down in the 19th century by Giovanni Vialardi, author of the book ‘Cucina borghese semplice ed economica' and also personal chef and pastry chef to King Carlo Alberto of Savoy.

capers, anchovies AND GARLIC

Capers, anchovies, and garlic are key players in Mediterranean cuisine and in SALSA VERDE. We use salted capers because they retain their flavour better with fruity and floral notes, and Spanish anchovies, with their lean texture and softness on the palate.

in the kitchen

SALSA VERDE is also found throughout Italy for its versatility in accompaniments. So go for both classic and creative combinations with boiled meat or fish, salads, crostini, canapés, sandwich and flatbread fillings, eggs and vegetables.


Made with: Salted Capers, Spanish Anchovies, 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic and Parsley